Andrei was born on March, 27, 1975 in the Belarussian city of Mogilev, to an ordinary Soviet family. His Father, Nikolay Fedorovich, is a big person in all senses of this word — both physically, and spiritually — a teacher of Belarussian language and literature. His Mother, Ekaterina Mihajlovna, is a well-bred, open-hearted, kind, and careful person — a bookkeeper by education and calling. Two years later a wonderful present was given to Andrey by his parents -his little sister Alenka.

Andrei was brought up in a friendly aid caring atmosphere, he went to Mogilev secondary school, where he surpassed all the schoolmates -both in height and development - he was a curious student, occasionally causing problems and getting in trouble, both with his parents аnd school teachers.
When Andrei was In the 5th, a coach with the local sport school for children took notice of him as a future basketball star. 

The basketball period…

At the age of 14 Andrei joined the youth national team of Belarus and Republic school of the Olympic reserve (RSOR).
The following 5 years consisted of vigorous training, team practice sessions, competitions, all while closely interwoven with his studies. By 19 years old, Andrei mastered the sport of Basketball, in Belarus, 2 time champion of the USSR, champion of the CIS, champion of Europe, and also the prize-winner of countless other competitions. After finishing RSOR, Andrei left for America to study and to participate in the basketball team at the University of George Washington. After graduating from the University he enrolled in a post-graduate program, only to return home to play basketball 6 months later.  When Andrei turned 25, his basketball career ended because of an unexpected trauma. Searching for his inner-self Andrei discovered his creative passion, and recalled his childhood dreams of performing live for audiences. Hollywood was the only logical next step.

Sviridov as an Actor…

Joining the Beverly Hills Playhouse actor’s studio school and signing a contract with a Talent agency in Los Angeles happened almost instantaneously.
His efforts earned him a chance to work with the likes of Enrique Iglesias and Robbie Williams on their music videos.  Because of his size, a favorite film crew he worked with gave Andrei the nickname, " Andre the Russian giant ".
By 2017 Andrei Sviridov has had the honor of being cast in 102 films, 98 of which were shot in Russia.

Education and Skills


Beverly Hills Playhouse - Los Angeles, California, 2003

George Washington University - Columbian School of Arts and Sciences Washington, DC. BS Exercise Science, 1997.  

The Republic College of Olympic Reserve - Minsk, Belarus.  Associates degree in physical education and basketball coach, 1994.

Ranked one of 100 best athletes of 20 century in Belarus, 3 time champion of Soviet Union and European basketball, National Basketball Team of Belarus

Basketball coach for LA Lakers for summer basketball camp in Santa Barbara

Played NCAA Division 1 Basketball for George Washington University

Fluent in Russian, English, Basic Polish, Basketball, Coaching, Basic Martial Arts, Swimming, Fire-arms, Driving, Stunts, Good with animals and children.